I smoked a J in my room and it sucked up all the smoke. This thing is absolute legit. -Jared B, USA


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Say goodbye to indoor air pollution with our innovative PureAir 2.0® portable air purifier. It tackles smoke, steam, and odors, leaving you with a fresh environment. Easy to use and wireless, it ensures top-level cleanliness with HEPA filters anywhere. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Invest in your health today!

Versions: VaporVac® Wireless
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PureAir® 2.0: Breathe the Difference with Advanced HEPA Filtration

Introducing the PureAir 2.0 system: our latest innovation with a superior HEPA filter technology that expertly traps cigarette smoke and odors, providing a scientifically advanced solution for a pollutant-free atmosphere. Our purifier leads the way in purifying efficiency, ensuring your environment is not just clean, but scientifically cleaner than the rest.

No More Smoke and Odors

Put an end to indoor air pollution! Effectively eliminate smoke, steam, and bad odors with a portable wired and wireless air purifier. Buy now for a healthy and clean environment!

Washable HEPA filter

Our High Efficiency Particulate Air filters are reusable. You can wash and use them with peace of mind.

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User Satisfaction: 100% Guaranteed

Our innovative VaporVac® portable air purifier effectively tackles smoke, steam, and odors, ensuring a fresh environment. It's reinforced with nano-particle technology for top-level cleanliness. Plus, it's wireless and easy to use, offering convenience wherever you go. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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